Stencil Marketing is an experiential marketing technique used to brand and promote your company logo or message anywhere. This green-friendly application is a great way to advertise and reach your most valuable asset, your customer! Each custom designed stencil can be applied within minutes and even in the snow! Whether you are looking to connect brands with consumers, inspire action, create a buzz, interact with your target market, create product awareness, Stencil Marketing is your solution.

Numerous businesses have already witnessed the benefits of the additional brand presence provide by Stencil Marketing. Many of our clients love the fact that the Stencil Marketing kits are portable and user-friendly. Stencil Marketing is a creative, eye-catching way to grab the attention of pedestrians in high traffic areas such as universities, shopping areas and transportation hubs, or in front of venues, clubs and pubs. The possibilities are endless! The process is simple and provides a fun way to spread your brand on sidewalks, parking lots, floors and more. Even the cost of your unique and custom built stencil kit is a fraction of other traditional media.

Some may call it Street Advertising, Graffiti Advertising, Stencil Branding, Street Art or even Guerrilla Street Marketing, but no matter what you call it, no matter where you apply it, Stencil Marketing will brand and promote the precise image, feel, and lasting impression for everyone!

Contact us today to attract attention, brand to consumers, and generate the action your company deserves.


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